Comate design high-performance digital vortex type flowmeters for steam and all kinds of air, gas, water, etc fluids mass flow or standard flow measuring processes.  We have been engaged in the development and application of vortex flowmeter over 15 years. We not only focus on the physical properties of the meters, but we combine our meters with the processing character of each specific working condition.

Comate R&D team is able to anticipate and fulfill the requirements of user’s individual processing task. Provide it to you to using our expertise to get the best one.

VFM45 vortex flow meter compressor

The product uses the VFM45 transmitter technology, which provides with the excellent signal processing capability and enhance the vortex metering technology to a new level, which means it has lower measuring limit, better stability and accuracy. The special signal processing method has also ensured a better anti-vibration by eliminating the vibration signals.

vfm60mv multivariable vortex flow meter compressor

VFM60MV multivariable vortex flowmeters is an integral solution for mass flow /standard flow measurement of steam, compressed air and gas measuring system. Integrated pressure and temperature sensors for density compensation, so it can also measure temperature, pressure, density, mass flow and standard flow. User would only need one flowmeter to measure and read all this parameters, this advantage leads to lower cost and maintaining

VFM60N vortex flow meter compressor

VFM60 is a powerful flow meter utilizing “Karman vortex” theory, which can meet the requirement of measuring the flow rate of various fluids such as gas, steam and liquid.The unique dual-sensor design and special signal processing method has also ensured a better anti-vibration by eliminating the vibration signals to provide more reliable performance and lower measurement limit.

VFM62 Insertion Vortex Flow Meter are measurement solution for large pipe line or duct from DN200~DN1000. The flow meter also utilizes the advanced dual sensor and special transmitter technology to provide low flow limit and best anti-vibration performance.