Vortex flow measurement technology is specialize to measure of flow like compressed air,steam& even fuel oil. Vortex meters are reliable & most accurate flow measurement innovation technology available & widely accepted across the industries.

Vortex flow meters measurement principle according to “Karman vortex” working theory designed for gas flow, steam or liquid’s volume flow, standard volume flow or mass flow measurement.

Vortex Flow meters Measurement Principle

Vortex Flow meters Measurement Principle

Vortex flow meter is an reliable & advanced flow meter widely application in industrial pipe fluids measurement due to low pressure loss, wide measurement range, high accuracy, no moving parts, meter parameter can be in long – term stability and will not influenced by density, pressure, temperature and viscosity when measuring actual volume flow.

Operational theory: vortex flow meter designed according to fluid oscillation principle, flow will alternately generate vortices when passing by the shedding body. The frequency of the vortices is related to flow velocity and the area of shedding body:


f: the frequency of vortices, unit is Hz;

v: the average speed of flow, unit is m/s;

d: the width of vortex shedding body, unit is m;

St: Strouhal number, range is 0.14~0.27;

St is the function of Re value, St=f(1/Re)

when Re in 102~10St is 0.2, in this time, f=0.2V/d;

the average speed of flow v can be calculated by the value of vortices frequency,

q=vA, A is the vortex shedding body sectional area;

then we could know the flow rate q;

Innovation technologies multi-varibale & dual-sensor in vortex flow meters

Steam the most difficult fluid to measure due to the high pressure and temperature but vortex flowmeter are designed for steam flow include wet steam, saturated steam and superheated steam measuring. The vortex flow meters capable of tolerate high process temperature and pressures. Most important is the two sensor of multivariable vortex flowmeter will gather the temperature and pressure data to calculate the flow rate this makes them to measure the steam flow at varying velocities and offered the most accuracy flow rate.

Comate Intelligent Sensor specialize in vortex flow meter from 2008. The VFM60MV series built-in temperature and pressure sensor with a vortex-shedding body are well suited for measuring. Patent probe design offered excellent anti-vibration!

Multivaribale vortex flow meter also have the capability of measuring mass flow, especially for steam and gas flow measurement.

a, Inline flange/wafer type flowmeter


vfm60mv-multivariable vortex flowmeters VFM60MV Multivariable Digital Vortex Type Flowmeters available in flange or wafer connection, no moving parts, very low pressure drop. Built-in temperature and pressure sensor designed for steam, compressed air measurement. Innovation dual sensor densign spectual signal process offered high accuracy 1%RD are widely used in gas process control and custody transfer.




b, Economical mode vortex type flow meters

VFM45 Steam Flow Meters|Vortex Mass Flow Meters VFM60N/VFM45 the standard type digital vortex flowmeter. The VFM60N also have dual sensor capable of working where there is vibration. Both can for steam, gases, liquid measures.