As we know the accuracy of thermal mass flow meter is easy be infused when medium measured contain vapour. So vortex flowmeter is more often used to saturated steam and superheated steam measuring, besides vortex flowmeter are better than thermal mass flow meter in range ration. Comate vortex flow meter range ration can be 1:35.

How to choose the dimension is right for your working condition?

Method 1: according to the density to calculate the mass flow range;


-Media: Saturated Steam

– Pressurre: 6-7 barG

– Piping: DN100

-Flow range: 800 ~1000 kg/hr

Step one: check the steam density from table. The pressure 6-7barG(ATM=1bar),

Comate DN100 mass flow range is 56.5~1977.4m3/hr(velocity: 2~70m/s)

we need to check the density under different pressure.

under pressure 6 barG ,saturated steam is T= 165℃,density= 3.671 kg/m3;

under pressure 7 barG, saturated steam is T= 171℃,density= 4.218 kg/m3;

mass flow range formula: ρ=m/V

Fmin=56.5*3.671, Fmax=1977.4*3.671, that is: 207~7259kg/hr

m1=56.5*4.218,m2=1977.4*4.218, that is: 419.3~14675.9kg/hr

Comate DN100 vortex flow meter measuring range is include the operating range. Besides the VFM60MV series built-in temp&pressure sensor are designed for steam measurement.

Method 2: according to the flow range to calculate the velocity of flow;

F= V*(D2 /354)(flow rate unit must be m3/hr)


V1=F/(D2 /354)=800/28=28m/s; V2= F/(D2 /354)=1000/28=35m/s;

Flow velocity is: 28~35m/s is in Comate DN100 flow velocity 2-70m/s.

For superheated steam , the different pressure correspondence to different temperature the density according to the detailed value of temp and pressure. Both are important to know!



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VFM60MV Multi-variable vortex flow meter

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