TGF200-Gas-Micro-Mass-Flow-Meter-TGF210 Micro mass flow meter

TGF210 in stainless steel material, from DN8~DN20

TGF200 series micro flow meter measure dry air and nitrogen and other non-corrosive gas base on thermal mass flow measurement technology. It is designed to measure the mass and standard flow in small pipe lines in general industry and laboratory

4~20mA output or Modbus@RS485 for option.

Bluetooth enable users read and set parameter on cellphone with COMATE APP.

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This application are specially designed for air and N2 and other non-corrosive applications in small pipe
from 1/4″ to 2″

1) Thermal mass measuring technology, direct mass/standard flow measurement
2) Temperature and pressure measurement as option
3) 6 digit dual line LED screen
4) Low cost economical model.
5) Blue tooth for operating on cellphone
6) 1.5% reading + 0.3% full scale accuracy in 100:1 measurement range
7) 1/2″~2″ (8mm~50mm) small pipe line measurement, G or MNPT thread connection optional
8) On-line diagnose available


Media Compatibility  Air, Nitrogen and other non-corrosive fluid
Pipe diameter  8mm~50mm (1/4″~2″)
Flow velocity range  0.3~30Nm/s or 0.6~60Nm/s or 0.9~90Nm/s or 1.2~120Nm/s
Accuracy 1.5% of reading+ 0.3% of full scale
Repeatability 0.3% of reading
Storage Temperature -20~+50°c
Transportation Temperature -30~60°c
Temperature of medium -20~100°c
Pressure of medium  1.6 Mpa
Power supply  10~35 VDC / 200 mA
Response time 160 millisecond
Output  Frequency ,  4~20mA
Communication  RS~485, Bluetooth
Date displayed Mass flow, Volume flow in normal or standard condition
Total flow , Temperature, Pressure and Velocity
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Wet part material Aluminum alloy (304SS and 316SS optional)
Ingress protection grade   IP54
Mode codes TGF200-
Model TGF200-       1 A F 8
 Velocity 0.3~30Nm/s      1 Optional
0.6~60Nm/s 2 Standard
0.9~90Nm/s 3 Optional
1.2~120Nm/s 4 Optional
Wet parts meaterial Alliminum A Standard
304ss 4 Optional
316ss 6 Optional
Parameter Flow, total flow , velocity F Standard
Flow, total flow, velocity, temperature, pressure A Optional
Pipe size DN8 (1/4″) 8
DN10 (3/8″) 10
DN15 (1/2″) 15
DN20 (3/4″) 20
DN25 (1″) 25
DN32 (1.25″) 32
DN40 (1.5″) 40
DN50 (2″) 50