Compressed air is an important secondary energy for industrial production And flow rate of compressed air is an important parameter to indicate the performance of compressor. With the air compressor widely use the accurate measurement of its flow rate is crucial for product upgrades, control and monitoring and the energy saving.


1, Vibration

The vibration from compressor and blower will bring fake signal to vortex flow meter then the flow rate will be higher than true values.

2, Wet vapor

Compressed air always contain some vapor and this will influence the accuracy of flow meters.

3, Ptdsating water flow

Compressor like reciprocating compressor always have ptdsating water flow in the outlet. And then the value of vortex flow meter will be higher. There’re two way to solve this, one is install a buffer-tank before the flow meter to filter the pulse. Or just place the vortex flow meter far from where three is ptdsating.


How to measure compressed air flow rate?

How to measure compressed air flow in high accuracy. Density of compressed air varies with the pressure changes, Vortex type flow meter have some advantages over other types of flowmeters when it comes to measuring compressed air and gases.

The advantages of COMATE digital vortex type flow meters:

1) Compact design, easy to install and maintenance

2)Minimum flow rate down to 2m/s, 1:35 turndown ratio

3) No moving parts, small pressure loss

4) Patent dual-sensor design optimized signal processing technology ensure best anti-vibration.

COMATE TGF450 inline thermal mass flow meter specially designed for compressed air and nitrogen measurement, low cost, economical model. Insertion type can be installed/removed without stop the line.

TGF450 Thermal mass flow meter application in Carpet Plant