PTF520 for compressed air

PTF520 Pitot tube flowmeter

PTF520 pitot tube flowmeter air flow meter for wet or dry compressed air, Nitrogen and non-corrosive gas flow measurement. Integral temperature and pressure compensation, to deliver the reading of standard flow, temperature and pressure at same time. Analysis of compressed air costs by simultaneously measuring energy consumption and compressor output.

Advantages at a glance:

  • No need for initial off-set
  • Wet or dry air flow measurement
  • Bi-direction flow measurement
  • Flow, total flow consumption, temperature and pressure
  • pulse, 4~20mA output, RS485  (Modbus-RTU)
  • Bluetooth app operating interface support


  • FAD measurement of compressors
  • Compressed air auditing system
  • Compressed air efficiency measurement and monitoring
  • Comply with auditing or permanent monitoring service required
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PTF520 New generation pitot tube flowmeter, best solution for compressed air system

compressed air flow meter

Special features

  • No need to set 0 point

  • Bid-directional flow measurement

  • Cellphone APP for reading and setting

  • Measures flow rate, temperature, pressure, FAD measurement available

  • Insertion and inline installation

  • Self-diagnose and remote diagnose function to provide with best support

  • For both dry and wet air measurement, possible for measuring compressed air at output of compressor

Specification & drawing

PTF520 air flow meter drawing

Medium Air and non-corrosive gas
Pipe size 1~12”(DN25~DN300)
Ambient temperature -20~60°C
Atmosphare pressure 86~106Kpa
Ambient humidity 5~100%
Process connection G 1/2” ball valve
Pressure rating 10 barG
Fluid temeprature -20~150°C
Wet parts material 304ss
Parameter display Flow rate, temperature, pressure
Power supply 13.5~32VDC, 150mA max
Analog 4 wire passive 4~20mA
Communication RS485@Modbus-RTU, Bluetooth
Accuracy 1.5%RD ± 0.3%FS
Repeatability ± 0.5%RD
Response time 1 second

Flow range 

PTF520 air flow meter flow range

Setting friendly – Users can enter the sensor setting via button or Comate app 

  • Read & Set on Screen

PTF520 has integral TFT 2” High Resolution display with two capacitive key for setting

PTF520 screen setting

  • Read & Set on via COMATE APP

PTF520 implement a cellphone setting system. Users can install COMATE APP on their cellphone or tablet and use the APP to connect with a PTF520 flow meter to read or set the flow meter.
This APP also support a remote diagnose function. Whenever there is anything wrong with the flow meter, customer can ask for a remote diagnose support. When this function is working, COMATE engineer back in office can remotely check the setting of the meter, and the signal of sensor, to provide users with most accurate trouble shooting advise.
COMATE APP has made the using of the product simple and efficient .

PTF520 screen setting 1


CAE520 Compressed Air Network Auditing System

support on your measurement issues remotely

CAE520 compressed air network auditing

CAE520 Compressed air network auditing system is designed as a convenient and efficient method of compressor and compressed network energy efficiency measurement and monitor.

System including:

-PTF520 – Drilling too – IoT datalogger – A portable case


Portable solution for compressed air system energy monitoring & measurement based on IoT

CAE520 Compressed Air Network Auditing System

CAE520 report

CAE520 auditing report

Air Auditors, dealers, and service providers

– Data analysis and reports make for your clients at anywhere and anytime
– Saving time and cost on-site visits
– Data readout/support/updates remotely
– Online billing service offered
– Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Manufacturing plants

– Access to the compressed air system at anywhere and anytime, a more reliable compressed air system
– Real-time and historical data check available
– 24/7 connection possible with your energy monitoring system
– Reduce energy costs


SystemPower supplyAC220V +/-5%, or AC/DC 85~265V, or AC380V±5%
Ambient temperature-40~80 dgr ℃
APPBluetooth app or web account
Power meterWiring3 phase 3-wire or 3 phase 4-wires
Voltage measurement range2nd grade voltage test AC 0~400V
Voltage accuracy0.002
Current measurement range2nd grade 0~5A (transformer ratio 500:5)
Current accuracy0.002
Power efficiency rangeup to250KW
Power efficiency accuracy0.005
PTF520 flow meterPipe sizeDN25~DN300
Measurement range and accuracy1.5% of reading+ 0.3% of full scale
OtherPlease reference to PTF520 data