hot tap drill tool

  Hot tap drill tool

The hot tap drill tool is the device to help install the insertion type flow meters in like compressed air, Nitrogen system which are non corrosive, and non-explosive environment.

Users can drill a hole and isntall the flowmeters in a quick time and by this tool.

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The hot tap drill device is the tool to help install insertion type flow meters in like compressed air system under a certain pressure and without stop the line. Users can drill a hole and install your flow meter by means of the hot tap tool in a quick time.


  • For applications up to 10 bar
  • 1/2”, 1” hot tap drill size
  • All accessories included


  • Install max can hold pressure up to 10bar
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Application: for stainless and carbon steel material pipeline


Driiling though a ball valve

hot tapping drill tool

Driiling though a clamp

hot tap drill


Operating pressure 10 bar | 145 psi(max)
Diameter of probe 355mm
Material of probe HSS-E
Size 355*93*44mm