ptf600 differential pressure flow meter

PTF600 Differential pressure flow meters unique for compressed air net-working monitoring

Compressed air net-working on-line monitoring & management
Measure the temperature, pressure and air flow
Wet/air flow measurement
Available for cellphone operation via Bluetooth function

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  •  32:1 wide turn down ratio, cover most of the flow range of compressed air
  •  No pressure loss, suitable for pipe in any shape with known sectional area
  • Insertion type capable of DN25 ~DN400 pipe line
  • Self-diagnose function makes trouble shooting easier
  • Blue tooth function optional, available for reading one cell phone.


Insertion type

In-line type

Media Compatibility

Dry and wet air

Pipe diameter



Different pressure range

6~6220 Pa, please reference to next subject on how to calculate flow rate range


1% RD+ ±0.5% FS

Temperature of medium

– 25 ~ +120°c

Pressure of medium



Power supply

AC85~264V or DC 15~32V

Response time

1 second



Date displayed

Mass flow, Volume flow in normal condition

Total flow , Temperature of medium. Velocity

Ingress protection grade

IP65 (GB China)

Compressed air net-working on-line monitoring

PTF600-compressed air-net-working online monitoring

Model Selection


Model Basic Model PTF-600 D 1 T 1 1 N C 1 1 Q  
Process Connection Insertion (NPT)(with anti-ejection design) D                    
Insertion (with flange) G                    
Flanged in-line F                    
  255mm, 11mm dia (DN25~DN100)   1
320mm, 11mm dia (DN25~DN250)  2
395mm, 11mm dia (DN25~DN400)  3                  
Other Q                  
Transmitter Integral T                
Remote R                
Material OCr18Ni9(304) 1              
316 2              
Other Q              
Pressure Rating 1.6 Mpa 1            
2.5 Mpa 2            
4 Mpa 3            
Max Temperature Standard (T≤120℃) N          
Enclosure Comate blue enclosure C        
Output RS485 + Bluetooth 1      
4~20mA + RS485 + Bluetooth 2
Power supply 13.5~42VDC 1  
85~265VAC 50/60Hz 2  
Flange Standard For Chemical industry A  
GB China B  
Other Q  
Pipe size please use 3 digit pipe size, such as DN50=050, DN300=300 XXX
1. Ball valve, Hop-tap insertion tool and hot-tap hole opener are as accessories, please remark if you need any of them
2. Please indicate flow rate along with the model number selected
3. If you have any requirement that could not be fulfilled in this document, please check with us to see the availability
4. The model selected in 1st line is the standard configuration with no accessories