CAE820 protable & movable analyzing system for compressed air network
Measure the flow lose cause by instrument in the network
Measure the air flow, temperature, pressure and power consumption for single compressor or compressor group
All data on tablet APP for customer to review
Generate detailed report with data graphs, power efficiency etc for analyzing

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Universal design, fit in inlet pipe from DN25~DN100(1’’~4’’)
Flow meter installed on inlet pipe, easy to install, no need of pipe working
One cell phone can read all data and set the system, very easy to operate
Generate a report of all data and email to users automatic
Protable & movable design, one free case provided to hold the whole system



Power supply

AC220V +/-5%, or AC/DC 85~265V, or AC380V±5%

Ambient temperature

-40~80 dgr C



To ensure best performance, please install the APP on a PAD with

resolution of 1920*1200 , Android 4.4 or higher version , with

software can open xls file and pdf file

Power meter


3 phase 3-wire or 3 phase 4-wires

Voltage measurement range

2nd grade voltage test AC 0~400V

Voltage accuracy


Current measurement range

2nd grade 0~5A (transformer ratio 500:5)

current accuracy


Power efficiency range

up to250KW

Power efficiency accuracy


PTF600 flow meter

Inlet pipe size


Measurement range and accuracy

1% RD+ 0.5%FS in 1:32 flow range

What is the CAE-820 system capable of?

CAE820 Compressed Air Network Auditing System

The system integrated flow meter(temperature & pressure measurement inside), o read or set the system, customer only need to use an tablet installed COMATE APP. All the hardware ingredients in the system will transfer data to PTF600 flow meter and the flow meter will communicate with cell phone/ pad. Anyone can easily read the data or set the system. Users will be able to know the standard flowrate, FAD flow rate, pressure, power consumption and efficiency and the load/off loading times, the energy intensity and power ratio. The APP also can generate an detailed report with curve diagram to help customer to know the condition of the compressor better or even compare the tested comressor with another compressor.

What are included in the system?

One set of PTF600 pitot pipe flow meter and hot tap drilling tools

What are included in the system?

Power meter, 3 current transformer and 4 voltage clamper

CAE820 Compressed Air Network Auditing System

COMATE cellphone/pad APP and computer analyzing software

Users can use COMATE App to read and set the system on a pad in the system via bluetooth. The App in CAE820 has more user friendly interface and more functions.
The App can also generate and detail report for the rest result, with curve diagram for customers to know the conditions better and show the result of comparing this compressor to an replacing compressor to analyze how much money customer can save.

Users using COMATE flow meter can download and use COMATE APP for free.

CAE820 Compressed Air Net-working Auditing System

With the help of COMATE analyzing software users can directly read the real-time important statics on a PAD that installed COMATE APP. The APP can also generate an detailed report with curve diagram to help customer to understand the condition of the compressor better or even compare the tested compressor with another compress.