At Comate we supply turn-key solutions to your compressed air monitoring project. Through our R&D team you will find suitable solutions to your compressor system needs.

Comate on-line compressed air monitoring system offered user to view real-time measured values like, power consumption, compressed air flow rate, load and unload time,cost in USD. All measured values indicate in curves and graphic. Daily/weekly/monthly statics and report can export freely.

CAE350S Air Compressor Analyzing System

Measure FAD flow on inlet pipe of compressor
Measure power consumption of the flow meter
Control the cost of compressed air via calculate power ration & energy intensity
Control compressor status via know the frequency of on/off loading time
Generate a brief report of all data above

CAE820 Compressed Air Net-working Auditing System

Measure the flow lose cause by instrument in the network
Measure the air flow, temperature, pressure and power consumption for single compressor or compressor group
All data on tablet APP for customer to review
Generate detailed report with data graphs, power efficiency etc for analyzing