Yes, Comate are the leading manufacturer of industrial flow meter with over 15 years’ experience of researching and developing of flow meter products, digital vortex type flow meter and inline thermal mass flow meter for steam,compressed air and gases flow measuring.  Comate R&D team is able to know and fulfill the requirement of end users and therefore to design the most reliable and durable flow meters.

TGF450 and TGF600 series thermal mass flow meter, VFM45 /VFM60 /VFM62 digital vortex flow meter and compressed air evaluation system and air compressor net-working system.

Yes, our vortex flow meter and thermal mass flow meter both have ISO9001 & CE certificated and Ex-proof.

Insertion type TGF450 in DN25~DN300 and high pressure is 1.6Mpa are designed for compressed air, Nitrogen measurement.The model TGF600 available in insertion type, insertion flange type and flange in-line type in DN25~DN300 and high pressure can be 6.3Mpa.

Comate vortex flow meter utilizing “Karman vortex” theory, which can meet the requirement of measuring the flow rate of various fluids such as gas, steam and liquid. The economical model VFM45 series can preset a density value application in where the pressure and temp of gas are stable. The VFM60MV with bulit-in temp & pressure compensation are designed for steam,compressed air,etc measurement and patent dual-probe capable of working where there is vibration.The insertion type VFM62 vortex flow meter for pipe size from DN200~DN100.

The insertion type thermal mass flow meter can be install without stop thepipe with the hot tap mounting hole tool.

The vortex flow meter is by “Karman vortex” theory can for liquid measurement, like hot water, oil, for oil we need to know viscosity first.
Coamte vortex flow meter no moving parts and in high accuracy(1%RD) don’t like turbine meter the accuracy will lower with the using time due to moving parts, and vortex flow meter are emulate magnetic flow meter in high temperature water measuring.

Yes, our own flow meter calibration device the sonic nozzle automatic calibration system with 0.03% accuracy is used to measure that every of our flow meter will be able to meet the accuracy and repeatability promised. And we offer one year warranty and life-time using and tech support service.

For standard flow meters is one week, for customized products is 3~4 weeks.

Yes, we accept T/T transfer and customer can pay 30% deposit first and balance can made before shipped and we work with TNT,DHL,FedEx to offer fast delivering and tracking service for every customer of Comate.

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