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With over 16 years’  experience of researching and developing , Comate is the most complete and trusted flow meter manufacturer on the market.

The professional fluids  measurement solution provider!

Examples of our most innovative and advanced technology can be seen in 2 of the products we manufactured, the Vortex flowmeters, and Thermal mass flow meters.  Both of these technologies from Comate have reached the world’s first class. By using most advanced and optimized digital signal processing technology, durable and reliable structure.

  • With over 15 years’ experience  in field of steam,compressed air, gas and fluids measurement

  • Professional sales & technical team offered service in application analyzing, model selection, problem precaution and trouble shooting

  • Sonic nozzle calibration system ensures that every Comate flow meter will be able to match the accuracy promised


Help manufacturing plant to accomplish accurate measurement of gas power source and its digital visualization, including the
multi-dimension analyzing and utilization of the flow data of steam, compressed air, oxygen, natural gas, to achieve efficiency
improving and intelligent manufacturing

compressed air system   Compressed Air Measurement System

COMATE ” Compressed Air Measurement System” helps on monitoring the in-time data of the power consumption and air output of the compressors and upload the data to the server platform, and get the power efficiency and unit air power consumption of the compressor through data analyzing.

gas measurements   Industrial gas flow monitoring

Bring the gas usage such as O2/N2/CO2 of plant to the best condition through monitoring their flow rate , in order to realize lean management of factories.

Industrial gas flow monitoring  Steam Measurement System

COMATE ” Steam Measurement System” utilize the IoT technology to integral all the meters, instruments ,managing staffs and steam users into one whole through cloud server, and present the whole through visualized remote monitoring system and data analyzing system.

heat power system  Power generation of natural gas or garbage combustion


|R & D Procedure

Rigorous new product development procedures efficiently boost the process from product planning to mass production, it improved the utilization
efficiency of R&D input while ensures the quality of the development.

R & D Management

|R & D Management

To guarantee quality, shorten the period of development and reduce the cost, we established a strong R&D management platform, to ensures a smooth transition from technology to product and to commodity.

R & D Procedure

|R & D System

With customer centrically and demands orientation all angle R&D strategy, we combines the professional technique of our specialist team and the field experience of users together to provide all our clients with best solutions.

Comate R&D team


|Supply Chain Management

Outstanding supply chain management brings a win-win to the customer, supplier our ourselves; highly efficient data management platform ensures accurate, in-time and reliable delivery.

Test and Quality Control System

|Collaborative production

Strict and flexible collaborative production system ensures fast response to customer’s requirement from planing to delivery.

Collaborative production


|Test and Quality Control System

All quality management activities acted and promoted in strict accordance with the standard of ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Supply Chain Management

|Test and Quality Control System

Collaborative production


|Sales and Service System


|Marketing Concept

Faster — Quicker response, flexible handling

Closer — Always solve customer’s problem in person

Better — Always combine customer requirements and professional solution together

|Service Concept

Customer Oriented

360°C Customer Care Service

Nationwide Quality Assurance

Product life circle healthy management system for responsible service


Provide professional products design and perfect system solution

Provide local specialized installation guidance

Provide professional products training and technology seminar

Provide perfect pre-sales. during-sales and after-sales technical support

customer care system

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