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Established in 2008 Comate have been focusing on industrial flow meters manufacturing and fluids measurement technology! The Comate R&D team is able to anticipate and fulfill the requirements of end users by designing some of the most reliable and durable flow meters in the marketplace today !

Examples of our most innovative and advanced technology can be seen in 2 of the products we manufactured, the Digital Vortex type Flow Meters, and Thermal Mass Flow Meters for process control application.


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VFM60MV Multivariable Digital Vortex Type Flowmeter

VFM60MV multivariable vortex type flow meters is an integral solution for mass flow /standard flow measurement of steam and gas. Integrated pressure and temperature sensors for density compensation, so it can also measure temperature, pressure, density, mass flow and standard flow. User would only need one flow meter to measure and read all this parameters, this advantage leads to lower cost and maintaining

multivariable digital vortex type flow meter

Solution Showcase

Steam is the most used thermal carrier in all industries, including power, steal, automotive, textile, chemical etc. It is very important to have reliable and accurate measurement on steam for the users to improve cost saving.

Comparing with traditional DP meters and mechanical meters, vortex flow meter has clearly advantage in steam applications. It can provide with accurate measurement in a wide turn down while cause less pressure loss and require less maintaining. That is why vortex flow meter is the most welcomed technology for the measurement of steam, especially the steam at temperature under 350 dgr C.

Boiler process system

comate-steam measurement solutions


Coal mine gas is the hydrodynamic gases existing in the coal mine layer. Its general component is methane, same as natural gas. The over quantity in coal mines is harmful for the workers and dangerous for mining work.

On the other hand, coal mine gas is a very efficient fuel which can be used in power, chemical and other industries. Thus it is important to process gas drainage in coal mining industry.

Natural gas measurement solutions


Compressor quick efficiency analyzing system- CAE350S

Compressor network measuring and auditing-CAE820

kw110m mobile power meter


COMATE Compressor On-line IoT System

compressed air system normally includes air compressor sets, pipe line, air treatment instrument and air consumption facilities. As a important power system and a main electricity consuming system in industry, it means 20% electricity consumption in metal industries and over 40% in textile industry. There is a lot can be done to improve the power efficiency of a compressed air system to save energy and cut down the facility’s total cost. A powerful evaluation system to monitor the flow rate, pressure, power consumption of the compressed air system is important for working out useful means to improve the general efficiency, and further to save energy and cost.

Compressor on-line monitoring and instrument management on one phone or PC

  • Monitoring the instruments and click the icon to review the detail
  • Topology graph function layout of whole plant and even whole factory
  • Alarm delay helping know anything wrong before it break down
  • Integrated instrument life management+ compressor analyzing + CRM system


Lastest Company News

the 18th FLOMEKO 2019 Conference

FLOMEKO 2019 Conference the professional international flow measurement conference which is being held in Lisbon (Portugal), 26 – 28 June 2019, This event will bring together experts in flow and volume measurements from industry, national metrology institutes, metrology and testing laboratories, regulators, service providers and other stakeholders from all over the world.

Comate establishing in 2008, Comate have been focusing on focusing on industrial flow meter manufacturing and fluids measurement technology. Technical articles regarding

  • Diagnosis method of vortex flowmeter based on IOT
  • Pioto tube based on Mean Square Error Algorithm for Gas-liquid mixed phase flow gas flow measurement

selected and will possible be showed in this conference meeting.  See you in the conference then!

FLOMEKO 2019 Conference

TGF200 series micro flow meter measure dry air and nitrogen and other non-corrosive gas base on thermal mass flow measurement technology. It is designed to measure the mass and standard flow in small pipe lines in general industry and laboratory

4~20mA output or Modbus@RS485 for option.

Bluetooth enable users read and set parameter on cellphone with COMATE APP.

TGF200-Gas-Micro-Mass-Flow-Meter-   TGF210 Micro mass flow meter